Why do you eat cashew nuts?

nuts_There are lots of health benefits in cashew nuts.Cashew nuts contain natural antioxidant,vitamins and mineral that is necessary for our daily work.
Cashew nuts contains well fats and no cholesterol. It helps to reduce levels of LDL bad cholesterol.Many people think that ignore fat is good for health,but the word is actually not true.For healthy body we need to take all kind of food groups for maintain body balance.

Moreover,Cashew nuts have oleic acid, which is also very beneficial for heart. Cashew nuts, which are rich in magnesium that make strong bones, muscles and it needed for nerves .Our body needs 300-750 magnesium daily to absorption of calcium in the bones.

Cashew nuts contain of high copper so it helps to the enzyme, hormone production, and plays an important role in the brain.Cashew nuts contain higher levels of calories so eat daily 5-6 nuts is enough.Who they have allergy and migraine problems they are well not to eat nuts.