PM Hasina says engineers not to overdo projects in his constituency

hashina“Every possible project in my constituency has to be exaggerated … you should stop thinking that way,” he said at the convention 56 of the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB) on Saturday.

“There was a time when I had nothing. I was neglected for a long time. But now it hurts to handle both.

“I’m telling everyone to stop … I do not need all this. Just do whatever it takes.”

Overexcitement can never be good, he said. “Please do not ruin everything by doing too much. Make sure the environment in my area is not ruined.”

PM Hasina said that from now on is going to take medical treatment only in Bangladesh.

She spoke of his “bitter experience” with a gate unplanned Gopalganj.

“My area has many water bodies. An embankment beside a lake or a canal … the height has to be? Four, five or three feet is enough. There must be seven, eight or 14 feet . Why waste money?

“I’ve been watching the channel for decades, going up and down. There is no logic in the construction of two gates at both ends of the canal. The canal was not a threat.

“Suddenly I saw a huge project there. Why should there be such plans?”

The then Prime Minister asked the engineers to check the number of such gates had been built across the country and make an assessment of how that impacted the local environment.

“How can I get crops as a result of the embankment … how much money is spent on repairs each year, and the amount of area that has been flooding .. gates are ruining land and causing erosion of the river.”

Emphasizing the need for a master plan for each Upazila urged engineers to improve the quality of services and stop wasting funds.

gold medals AIB-2015, two engineers were awarded for their work. The prime minister also inaugurated the new building of 15 floors of the AIB.

Save your environment

The prime minister said it was important to prevent damage to the environment, while carrying out development projects.

On the proposal to have 100 economic zones in the country, Hasina said 16 such areas have already been identified.

“But we need to avoid excessive movement, while creating these areas,” he said.

And all he reminded about the need to conserve water bodies in all these areas, even as development projects are implemented.

“I think we will not allow anyone anywhere to buy land to establish the industry.”

Hasina said effluent treatment plants and waste disposal mechanisms have to be worked in all areas of growth.

“We also need to keep the space for children’s playgrounds and sufficient for people to move easily space.”

Hasina advised engineers to install solar panels in a way that makes it possible to make agriculture under them.

All projects must be conceived as “modern, aesthetics, environment friendly,” he said.

“I insist on the comprehensive planning for our development, so there is no waste of space as we develop infrastructure such as energy, roads, waste disposal,” Hasina said.

She warned against the “culture” of controlling up ‘sometimes for the sake of it “investment costs. “Please try to save resources and money and better serve the people. That’s what I expect from you.”

The Prime Minister stressed the need for a “maximum effort” to reach the annual growth target of 7 percent GDP this year.

He said his government has focused on increasing power generation and increase the availability of energy through “cross-border energy trade.” We’ve managed to import 1,200 MW of power in India. “

Hasina said that work on a pipeline to take oil from India has also begun. “This will come directly to Parbatipur of a refinery in Assam The feasibility report is ready; .. The pipeline is”

The prime minister also placed great importance on the BBIN (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal) and BCIM (Bangladesh, China and India, Myanmar) groups to accelerate regional growth in South East Asia.