Some nutrients 100 calories

foodList of some nutrients 100 calories:

Skimmed milk – about 100 ml
If you are concerned about its widening waist, then add skim milk in your diet.

Buttermilk – approximately 150 ml
Whey is low in fat compared to regular milk, because fat is removed to make butter. It is also high in calcium and a good source of phosphorus.

Lassi – approximately 150 ml
Opt for a salty lassi instead of sweet lassi. It will cool your body and also helps in proper digestion.

Thick vegetable soup – about 175 ml
A thick soup that can be served as a main dish. Add the vegetables of your choice and lentils to keep nutritious.

Beet – approximately 225 grams
Beet always been covered in the news for its enormous health benefits. It is one of the best super foods available naturally.

Carrot – approximately 200 grams
This orange food is very nutritious and tasty. Which is about 200 grams a day will give you a beautiful skin and good vision.

Apple – about 175 grams
An apple a day will definitely keep the doctor away, due to its various health benefits. Eat about 175 grams of apple every day to keep diseases at bay.

Lima sweet – 225 grams
This sweet and less sour fruit is a good source of vitamin C, iron and copper. Consuming about 225 grams of fresh lime every day will prevent scurvy.

Orange – approximately 200 grams
Oranges are one of the best fruit available in the world. They contain various vitamins, which help protect the body from harmful diseases.

cooling fruits
Eat about 600 grams of watermelon and cantaloupe as a healthy and nutritious snack. Both fruits have a high water content, it helps care for fluid loss due to perspiration and also helps beat the heat in the body.

Ripe papaya – approximately 310 grams
The papaya is a powerful source of essential nutrients. Daily use will give you glowing, radiant skin and also good for the heart.

Pears – approximately 195 grams
This soft, sweet fruit is a great snack. Pears are rich in nutrients, fiber and antioxidants, making them a healthy snack option ago.

Granada – about 175 grams
This is a great and refreshing fruit. This fruit is legendary health benefits and is full of nutrients.

Amla – about 170 grams
They are the most powerful rejuvenating agents. Loaded with vitamin C, Indian gooseberry or Amla, it is an excellent source of antioxidant and is particularly effective when eaten when in season.

Guava – about 190 grams
This light yellow or green fruit is rich in nutrients and totally salivating. It has a unique flavor, taste and has qualities that promote health as well.

red cherries – about 160 grams
Tuck in 160 grams of cherries as a snack, as they are low in calories and help reduce stress as well.

Grapes – approximately 125 grams
Because of its high nutrient content, which plays an important role in ensuring a healthy life. It has the ability to treat constipation, kidney disorders and prevent cataracts.
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Jackfruit – approximately 115 grams
Apart from its delicious taste, but also it loaded with essential nutritional value for healthy living.