Google Glass is darkened in their social network accounts

google glassFour years after revealing her headset usable glass alphabet Google Inc closed several social networking accounts linked to the gadget glass, ending its push to popularize the expensive glasses with consumers.

On Tuesday, Twitter accounts, Facebook and Instagram to Google Glass is no longer activated, a development first reported in 9to5Google website.

A statement on the site Google Plus said: “Explorers Hello, we had a blast hanging out with you on G + around the Explorer Program.” He came to tell users to get in touch with questions about the page glass support.

The company declined to comment on the decision.

Google stopped selling glass to consumers last year and said it was time for a restoration of the strategy, and the head of research lab Google X has since said that the publicity surrounding the $ 1,500 device became exaggerated considering it was just a prototype, not a finished product.

Crystal was greeted with enthusiasm among techies when unveiled for the first time in 2012. However, the device, allowing users to access e-mail messages on your screen at eye level and record video with a tiny camera, quickly he ran into trouble.

Some made fun of his awkward appearance, while others expressed concern that it could be used to make video recordings surreptitiously.

On Twitter, many interpreted the disappearance of social glass beads on Tuesday to mean an end to efforts to market the product to consumers.

Jonas Haberkorn (JonasHaberkorn) tweeted: “#GoogleGlass for consumers is dead, yes really dead.”

Meanwhile, a user lamented the disappearance of social presence of the device.

Mark Tompkins (javamarket), who identifies himself as a merchant and former partner of hedge funds on Twitter, said: “We were disappointed in the decision 2 delete history in Google #GoogleGlass @ FB and Twitter learn best true story recorded #coverup .. “