Warne blasts ‘selfish’ Steve Waugh

warneCricket great Shane Warne has ruined former Australian captain Steve Waugh as the “most selfish player I’ve played cricket” as a long-running feud between the pair showed no sign of ending.
Former teammates fell a few years ago with Warne still bitterly after Waugh played a role in his ax in 1999 tour of the West Indies.
“There are a lot of reasons I do not like Steve Waugh … because he is the most selfish player I’ve ever played cricket,” said Warne in an episode of the TV show “I’m a celebrity. Me Out of Here” screening Tuesday night.
The leg-spinner said how Waugh, who was then captain told him he had dropped was still alive in his memory.
“One thing that really bothered him was proof that were discarded in the West Indies. We had to win the last test match to win the trophy,” said the reality show, in which he is a competitor .
“At that time, the captain (Waugh), the second captain (Warne) and coach (Geoff Marsh) used to pick the team.
“We went to the team. He had not ran well, we had lost, Brian Lara hit unreal, but I felt like I was being the scapegoat, that because I did not bowl so it was my fault.
“. We arrived at the selection table and said, ‘? OK, what is the thought of all’ Steve Waugh said:” You are not playing ‘.
“I was what? Hold on. What do you think the team should be? Blah, blah, blah, ‘and Steve Waugh said’ No, I am the captain of this side … you’re not playing ‘.
“I was very disappointed with that. After 10 years, I just had an operation on his shoulder, I thought the position of having to win a test, were carried out in the best too.
“I do not like Steve Waugh for lots of other reasons, but that was the reason.”
Waugh has previously admitted the decision that cost him his friendship with Warne, but in his book “The meaning of luck,” said helped shape and define it as captain.
“I lost a great friend, but gained strength from experience and categorically learned to know what is right and acting on it are two different things,” Waugh wrote.