Millions await NID card in Bangladesh

idJamalpur’s Sultan Faijul was elated when he became a voter on October 12, 2014.
But still get their national identity cards, without which it can not make use of many basic services such as the purchase of a mobile phone SIM card.
Faijul are not alone.
Nearly ten million people are suffering in the past two years, having failed to obtain their national identity.
The Commission (CE) Election says that almost 90 percent of Bangladesh 100 million voters have their laminated cards or identity NID for now.
But 10 million still suffer because without the NID, can not make use of many basic services.
They are stuck as the government launched a project to replace identity cards laminated with slick, machine-readable and tamper-proof “smart cards”.
However, the EC can not really say when they will start to distribute to voters.
“The decision was taken after discussions with the Commission,” Director NID Ala Syed Mohammad Musa told EC.
An agreement was signed with Oberthur Technologies based in France in January 2014 for the production of these cards with a three-tiered warranty.
ownership of the project was extended for another year and a half at the end of 2015. The EC now he says he wants to finish the job before December 2017.
This is a huge task. can not give a specific date in the distribution of smart cards will begin, “said the head of the electoral commission Kazi Rakib Uddin Ahmad.
Law Minister Anisul Huq told parliament on Jan 26 that the smart card project would cost Tk 13.79 million dollars.