How Siachen soldier survives in 35 feet of snow

siachenAn air bag may have helped Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppad survive while buried under 35 feet of snow for nearly a week in the Siachen Glacier in Jammu and Kashmir before being miraculously rescued by the army two days ago.
Siachen veteran said the window of survival at this point – Koppad was caught in an avalanche at 20,500 feet – was just two or three days.
But in a prefabricated post Sonam structure it may have collapsed in a way that creates an air pocket, providing Koppad enough to go on air for six days – nothing short of a miracle these icy heights – added.
The troops in the field highest battlefield in the world where temperatures plunge to -55 degrees Celsius regularly are trained in Battle School Siachen looking for airbags and know how to clear snow near the nose and mouth so they can keep breathing.
Army officials said a strong will to survive was another important factor that helped the soldier to go on. “He fought hard for survival. He did not give up. If not, have also perished,” said a senior army officer.
Sources also said that the 33-year-old soldier, fighting for his life at the Hospital of the Army Research and Referral in Delhi, was physically the hardest among the 10 men deployed at the far post. Rescuers found five bodies right next to him. No one team survived.
But despite the dramatic rescue mission, another miracle may be needed in the Delhi hospital where Koppad into a coma late on Tuesday and remained in a critical condition.
A team of four experts super is monitoring your vital signs during clock. The big concern is acute renal failure related to crush syndrome expected when people are trapped in an avalanche for a long time.
The odds was against him, but the nation is pinning its hopes on his fighting spirit to see through it.