Govinda offered Rs 5 lakh, unconditional apology to a person who was slapped by him

govindaOn Tuesday Bollywood star Govinda offers unconditional apology and RS 5 lakh as compensation to a fan who was slapped seven years ago for a film in Mumbai.

However, the Supreme Court insisted that the actor should apologize personally to the applicant who wants to prosecute him for criminal intimidation and assault that may land the star in jail for two years. “What we said at the last hearing. I had asked to meet and solve the problem. What you want to offer personally and not to tell us,” a bench of justices V Gopala Gowda and UU Lalit said attorney Govinda, Sangeeta Kumar, when he gave the terms of settlement to them.

Santosh Bateshwar plaintiff’s attorney Ray Zaveri Jatin claimed the star had made no effort to meet his client. “He is trying to mediate either through his lawyer or personal secretary,” the bank said.

A meeting was eventually set on February 6, but the star had failed to rise. His secretary conveyed the apology on behalf of Govinda, according to Zaveri.

Kumar defended the conduct of Govinda saying that confounded earlier suggestion of the court. “It is an unintentional error. I was under the impression that a written apology would suffice. He is even willing to appear in court and apologize,” said the lawyer.

“There is no need to come here. Let him go and meet the complainant and thrash out,” said the bank, giving the star of a last chance. He was given two weeks to a settlement, failing which the court shall hear the appeal on the merits of Ray.

Ray has come to the SC against the order of the Bombay High Court annulling his private complaint against Govinda in search processing. The HC had set aside the order of the trial court will invocation. Ray wants the case to be restored.

During the November 30, 2015 a bench hearing then headed by Justice TS Thakur said he admired movies of Govinda. “He’s a great actor. When an error must have a heart to admit it is committed. You he (the plaintiff) should ask to forgive and forget,” he had told his lawyer.

The bank had also observed that the star was also a member of Parliament at the time of the incident. “He must accept his mistake rather than prolonging the litigation that began in January 2008,” he said.

The bank refused to believe that television images showing the star became assaulting Ray. The judges saw the video clip on the mobile phone’s advocate Ray and said, “This is a television report can not be bad.”.

When Govinda offered advice to tender an apology in court and monetary compensation to Ray, the court said it was for the plaintiff to accept or reject it.

“His expression of regret here that will not resolve the issue here … that there is to do here. It should be the applicant. There should be no remorse and apology. You should ask your client to call on him and express regret and he must accept the repentance. If he will not accept, can not help. it’s so that you can decide, “he had said then.

Ray has demanded that Govinda should face criminal prosecution for criminal intimidation (section 506 IPC) and for using criminal force to cause serious injury (articles 323 and 353 of the IPC). Under Article 506 Govinda can face the jail term of up to two years. The law allows a compromise between the plaintiff and the defendant. The court may also impose fines only defendants.