Arfin Rumey divorces his second wife Kamrun Nessa

arfin and his familyPopular singer of bangladesh Arfin Rumey has divorced his second wife Kamrun Nessa Rumi.

According to media reports, Rumey sent a letter of divorce to his second wife on 31 January.

Meanwhile, Advocate Abdur Rahim on behalf of Rumey Kamrun Nessa’s father about the phone bill of divorce reported, according to sources.

Rumey mentioned several reasons, including mental torture, maintain relations with her former husband and desperate behavior as the cause behind the divorce.

Early last year, Rumey posted a picture on Facebook with his wife Kamrun Nessa where he wrote: “. My wife is sick she can not see well now for the use of contact lenses not order lens line if you wear glasses.” .

The October 24, 2012, he married his second wife Kamrun Nessa Rumi.

In 2008, Arfin Rumey married his first wife Lamia Islam Ananná in choosing his family and then after a long time 1st divorced his wife Ananná.

He has two sons named Aayan and Yusuf.

Arfin Rumey is one of the most popular singers of Bangladesh. He is also a composer. He has sung in more than 20 albums, alone and mixed. He also appears in some of his music videos.

Arfin Rumey born September 1984 in Mohammadpur area of Dhaka. He received education in music since childhood. He learned music from his mother when he was a child. In 2008 his 1st solo album “ARFIN RUMEY” freed “Records Rage” Eid in 2009 their second album was released Eshona of “Laser Vision.