Facebook Messenger can be run on multiple accounts

messengerFacebook Messenger apps for Android or iOS phone social media would run an account yet. If you wish to run more than a Messenger, Facebook Messenger account.

If you introduce a new messenger Messenger app update will be available to use more than one account. According to Engadget reports, Facebook has introduced a new method with which to communicate with everyone will be easier. “

Messenger apps for apps to add multiple accounts in Settings “Accounts” option will go. Accounts that the Plus (+) sign if there Touch ‘sign in to add to Another Account “options will appear. The account name and password to ‘add’ option when you touch a new account will be added. Deactivate an account, but the account will remain active on the other.

Conversely, if you use more than one account, Facebook Messenger, Facebook chat or messaging apps have stopped providing benefit. Currently, 800 million people around the world are using Messenger on a regular basis.