Love is a feeling which changes with time: Bonna Mirza

mirza“Prem Ekbari Esechilo Nirobe” … Lata Mangeshkar sings a song of timeless love. The Daily Star asked one of the most popular actresses of our time, Bonna Mirza, if love really is only once in life.
“I do not think that it is only once. Love is something that comes often with different levels of intensity. It may vary from person to person, but love never happens only once,” said the actress. “A person can fall in love over and over again, and with different individuals. Love is a feeling that changes over time, and makes profound impact on our mind. It is an abstract concept that we give different names, and we see a different light. in fact, we are in love with many things in the world, but among them seek a special relationship with that very special person. ”
To the question “Is there a connection between love and spring season?” Bonna said “Bangladesh has six seasons, and a change in this cycle greatly touches our mind. With the change of season, our body and mind react, so that a change in the way we feel.
Of course, spring is the growing season when nature is at its best vibrant. And coincidentally, Valentine’s Day is in spring, so it has become a tradition for us to celebrate love Bengali spring. While I believe that love does not need a particular day to be celebrated, but there is no harm in singing hymn to love in this day and in this season. “