Kareena says that she is still a baby

kareenaKareena Kapoor Khan says she is still a “baby” when she tries to act like she is an “agent of the director.”

The upcoming 35-year-old actress’ is as director R. Balki “Ki and Ka,” and this is the first time he has worked with acclaimed filmmaker.

She was asked about the preparations made for the film, the actress said: “I am the actor of a director that works best with amazing directors and work really wrong with bad managers I am an instinctive person and my director has to have me through that way … I’m still a baby. “

The actress spoke at the launch trailer for “Ki and Ka” here on Monday, said BS.

Balki, who was present there too, interrupts and says. “It’s all rubbish … She’s a terrific actor, and is arguably the best player in the industry which has produced She does normal preparation … She understands better than anyone script. All I have to do it is to give a nod. All great actors say I’m the actor’s director. “

In the film, Kareena plays the character of Kia, an ambitious and career-oriented woman.

Moreover, Arjun Kapoor plays the character of Kabir, a graduate of IIT and a householder who has grown up wanting to be like her mother and not his father.

veteran actors Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan also have a special appearance in the film.

When he asked if he believes that the “Paa” actor of his lucky mascot, Balki said: “I do not think he will be happy if I call a pet he is Amitabh Bachchan, who is the best actor you will see in this .. movie in a cameo. “