Selfie gone wrong fell 126 years old statue , the Portuguese king

wrong selfieThe Attempt of a young man taking a snapshot selfie With the statue of a 16th century Portuguese king ended badly When the 126-year-old statue fell to the ground and shattered, police Said Wednesday.

The man, police did not identify identity Whom, accidentally fell statue of Dom Sebastiao after climbing con sus pedestal outside the Rossio train station in the center decorated of Lisbon, just before midnight Tuesday.

I have tried to flee the scene, but police caught him. I will Appear before a judge at a later date.

The Statue of sad look, sword in hand, child-sized king stood in a niche Between two horseshoe arches at the entrance to the station. Completed in 1890, the station is a protected monument.

Dom Sebastiao, WHO Between 1557 and 1578 ruled, is a tragic figure in Portuguese history, dying in battle at the age of 24 During a crusade of His own creation in Morocco.

His body was never Properly Identified, leading to a legend King That will one day return to reclaim His throne and save Portugal in times of trouble.