Nizami hang view

Jamaat-e-Islami chief awaiting execution on death sentence for crimes against humanity Nizami collapsed at the last minute.

Sentenced to death by prison guards when he was Wanted. Guards not know how it will be effective after Nizami had to say in a loud voice, “It is injustice to me.”

Upon Nizami Dhaka Central Jail on Sunday night was brought from the prison. He has been kept under the supervision of a Deputy Jailer the cell tuberose.

Nizami feel quite depressed in jail on Monday claimed to have been involved in multiple sources.

Their commentary, fearing that at any time could be execution Nizami has been broken. He is almost silent.

According to the WHO, as well as breakfast on Monday morning Nizami was the bread of wheat and sugarcane molasses. However, he did not eat the breakfast then he choice of food from the prison canteen collected by the authorities.