Shakib buying bowling machine.

shakibForm all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan is not going to be good now. Salahuddin’s poor performance is due to a row between the IPL came from a two-day training, he said. The designations may be good for one or two matches played. But the overall champion of the form does not.

Shakib want to come out of this situation. He is the best player to buying a bowling machine. In fact, it is the form with the bat, that he spent the bowling machine Thinking of buying is expected to rise. Mary thought that the more practice.

After returning home from the IPL Shakib country has to focus on the Premier League. Mary is not coming here with the bat too. For this reason, many worried about batting all-rounder. He primarily to increase the performance of the batting has decided to buy a bowling machine. English newspaper The Daily Star said in an interview.

Mohammad Salahuddin champion coach and mentor always told the Daily Star said, “Shakib has already achieved a lot of success in his career; But he is still hungry for success. Note, she plans to buy a bowling machine. To raise his batting practice and to improve further. “

The interview was published the day will be the head coach of Bangladesh team. Replying to a question on the issue, he said, ‘Why not? Maybe one day I will be the national team’s head coach. What no one could think of a few years ago, the all-rounder No one ever will be? “