One-third of the schools are khamakha : Finance Minister

KhamakhaEducational provision for the honorable position lobbying MPs criticized the Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith Actually, one-third of these institutions have been developed. How are vocal about our MPs honorable position, as it is not against the institutions do not understand why bhuiphomra.

Supplementary budget for the current fiscal year in Parliament on Tuesday, trimming Speaking about the proposal, he said.

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid on behalf of the Minister of Education mantranalayerara additional allocation for the proposed allocation of additional MPs demanded the cancellation of the National Party, questioned the honorable position.

In response, the finance minister of education in 1988 was 9 MPO. Now the number is about 8 thousand, a third of which has been Actually. There are such institutions, the teacher of four, one of the students.

Abul Maal Abdul Muhith said, once secondary education would be conducted on individual initiatives. Many of these institutions tulatenakintu education itself is hard to say, so many schools are making emapiora greed.

The minister said in response to questions raised about the textbook, the textbook is my sorrow. Text of statement has a lot of people, I would have been happy if they were submitted in writing to the Ministry of Education. I put a lot of comments on the issue and provide written comments. I think we give less attention to the education of our future generations. Textbooks that they have understood how heavy it all together and you’ve tried to understand the neck. Once they have seen all the things necessary.