Green tea Khan benefit.

greenMany people have been drinking green tea for several years. Reduce cholesterol in the skin to retain grace, many who heard about the numerous benefits of the green tea drinks. Many people drink this tea is beneficial as well as fashion. Nothing too much is not good. Doctors say, logically apply restrictions during the Green. Green tea is then returned evil for good? Doctors report, despite the enthusiasm of many of the benefits of green tea at night may cause harm.

According to experts, green tea usually helps to reduce fat, skin and teeth are good, reduces stress, reduces cholesterol, be able to resist cell death, cell loss makes them alive, able to resist the death of brain cells, helps regulate glucose levels in the body, and Parkinson’s disease reduces risk. Not only reduces the risk of cancer due to Green anti-tite.

Along the green drink such as these can be beneficial when it is so good. Analysts, however, the opposite may be drinking more. So khaoyatai hearing would be wise to understand these drinks are beneficial. Let’s get to know the good and bad aspects of drinking green tea.

1. Many people drink green tea in the morning on an empty stomach. Many worked in the health perspectives. But never on an empty stomach should not drink green tea. Green tea drinking on an empty stomach acid secretion in the stomach ulcer excessive fear. This tea is prohibited even when pregnant. Because it is afraid of the baby’s brain and spine error.

II. Many now say that green tea does. Home, office, restaurant, rather than ordinary green tea extracts like the others. However, doctors say, any kidney problems if you do not drink green tea a day may be dukapa bharapete at best, not more.

3. Green tea drinking too many people are afraid of increased creatinine. It decreases the performance of the normal kidney. Some cases may be lost kidney function.

4. Green tea often “stands in oyarapherina metabalijama. Green tea is the drink of the blood thinner medication works in the body is low. Oyarapherina the drugs that thin the blood. Green is a material body, but remain at reduced power oyarapherinera. As a result, blood is thin. This increases the risk of stroke.

5. Additional green tea consumption can reduce the body’s ability to blend iron acquisition and iron. Green tea contains an ingredient called tannins on iron from the diet, which prevents the taking. As a result, excessive drinking green tea is afraid of lack of blood. Iron of the capsule, which will not be eliminated.

6. Vitamin B-12 can cause problems for the body to blend green tea. Ayantiaksidyanta polyphenols such as vitamin and mineral intake in the stands.

7. Many now drink green tea for fat loss. But every day, no human side chasata cup of green tea should not be tolerated. Green tea increases the amount of urine. Kidney damage is bound to be repeated if additional quantities of urine.

So from now on, keep in mind that green tea consumption during the good things.

Fifty something woman kidney problems. Go to the doctor periodically. Pharmaceuticals taste was fine. Suddenly one day it was tested, his creatinine has increased a lot in one hit. How is that? Could not find an explanation of the city’s renowned Nephrologist. The woman went to inquire about the daily routine became known that green tea multiple times a day for the past month he was eating! What the doctor ordered to stop immediately. Some days after the test, the creatinine has returned to its place again.