Eye care exercise.

wow eyeRequirements such as exercise to keep the body healthy, so keep an eye care needs of eye exercises. From morning till night is much work to do with the eyes. Starting from offices computer work, you can not do anything except the eyes. It also helps strengthen the eye muscles eye exercises. Eye care is important to exercise during the work day.

Take the doctor’s advice:
According to the research found, eye exercises to improve eye. However, if you have problems with your eye doctor first to make eye. According to the instructions received from the exercise of the eye doctor. But if serious eye problems such as cataracts, and diseases of the eye, then refrain from exercise.

Keep hands over his eyes:
In this process, the eyes and the brain can be reduced on the additional workload. This helps the eyes relax and blood flow to all parts of the pauchote. Sit in a chair in the process. Until then rub with your hands until it is heated. Now cover your eyes, two hands in such a way so that the light can not enter through the eye pressure and after. Now close your eyes and a green garden or sea can not think of any place deserted. Drop breathing slowly. Thus, several times a day on the eye fatigue will be removed to some extent.

To massage your eyes:
Areas around your eyes, mouth, eye massage helps blood flow in different areas. First, take a towel for the massage. Once again, warm water, cold water down into the water like a cold face towel soaked in hot water again over 3 minutes to keep around. In the same way the neck, throat deleted. At the end of the round the way around the eye massage to 3 minutes.

The shape of the eye stand:
8. Create a variety of shapes, such as the eyes on the floor. Create the river, gradually smaller size again this exercise for some time karunaebhabe

Through the eyes of the guidance:
Through the eyes of the guidelines, through the eyes of. Keep straight in the eye on one side of the head straight. Move across the eyes for 5 minutes. Keeping your head straight and look down upon.