The stock price drops to start the week.

stokOn Sunday, the first trading day of the previous week, the majority of shares pursuant to the share transaction has been completed by the fall. Most of the decline in the trading price of shares of the Fund. The decrease in the amount of the transaction amount of money.

According to the market review, DSE main index lower than the previous day 4 of 9 points is 409 points. The DS-30 index dropped one point to 66 points, 737 points of the stands. The DSES Shariah index rose 60 points to one decimal point is 83 thousand.

DSE turnover of 331 crore shares and mutual fund units. 9 million less than the previous day. DSE turnover was at Rs 340 crore.

DSE A total of 316 shares and mutual fund units were traded. The increase of 90 gained, 169 declined and 57 remained unchanged seyaradara out.

Meanwhile, the Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE), a decrease of 8 thousand 264 points in the overall index is 10 points siesasieksa. The CSE 50 index points to 94 percent decline of 5 points, 1 point lower sieesapiai index stood at 13 thousand 576 points. However, the CSE 30 index rose 5 points to 1 thousand 556 points and the CSI Shariah Index rose 965 points is two points.

Siesaite X amount of money turnover crore shares and mutual fund units. The transaction has a total of 226 seats Siesaite shares and mutual fund units. Meanwhile, 70 rose, 41 declined and 115 remained unchanged declined and the company seyaradara.