Some exercises to do on the sidelines using computer.

laptopAlmost a part of the day was spent at the computer for different purposes. Small or large, all are more or less time to spend behind. As a result of continuous stay for a long time sitting in front of the computer, there was a different problem body, including the eyes. However, domestic Some exercises can easily fix the various problems in the flow of blood in your body to keep away.

Keen eyesight to:
Keep brddhaanguli 6 cm away from your mouth. Take a breath and looked at the old fingers slowly along the stay. Make it 15 times. Your vision will be keen to help.

Get straight to the head:
Get straight to the head. After a while the eye in a particular place in the circle, to breathe slowly.

Give your eyes a rest for some time:
Cover the eyes with his hands. This note is not so light. Keep your hands away from your eyes from 0 to 30 seconds.

Look at the right shoulder:
Keep the height of the left shoulder and right shoulder. Breathe slowly turned his head and neck from the right side to the left shoulder treaties. Repeat it 10 to 0 bar.

Take a deep breath:
Rotate counter-clockwise rotation of the head and breathe slowly.

Spread both sides of hataduti:
Prasara hatadutike the two sides slowly. The levels of blood flow is correct.

Keep a finger on the forehead:
Keep your fingers on the forehead and wait 10 seconds.