Messi magic

messiIs only possible with him. It is impossible, possible workmanship. Ray Hudson granted the `He`s a miracle from God`. Until recently, he was sidelined for the injury. He was hacked with a round can be found in the confusion. Was not in the squad for the first match against the defending champions Chile. Although Argentina won 2 -0 win.

The second match was not the first XI against Panama. Argentina scored the go ahead goal 7 minutes began to for Tata Martino brought down Messi in the 61st minute of the match. Soldier Field told the standing to greet him.

Two days ago, Maradona said Messi or not eligible as a leader. The previous day, said Cristiano Ronaldo, the best player in the last 0 years. Maradona and Ronaldo thrust answer rather than face his magical left-payei That will be prepared.

What is strange! Messi play football lullabies before playing Argentina, Messi stepped to spell everything changed. Play goals in 6 minutes! Messi hit a defender in the hands of Panama higuyainera shot in the leg after finishing at the Little Magician did not make a mistake.

messi10 minutes later, Messi once again, his trademark free-kick in the usual fashion trademark cynicism. About 5 meters away from its original beauty was not able to bring somebody shot curved mold. It just took a hat-trick after 10 minutes.

The Panamanian goalkeeper to break the backbone of the defense and made a fool of one simple but very keen plesinye. Just 6 minutes to play hat trick! I came back from injury. Aguero left the field with a goal and win the 50ra La alabiselestera.

The last match of the group stage to the quarter-finals of the first team against Bolivia Messi Martino did not. Century Park 80 thousand spectators Link gaganabidari Messi, Messi cry in the beginning of the second half forced Tata to shift his ground. Messi has not scored in the trunk, but another unprecedented.

Bolivian goalkeeper, two legs and two hands on the ball a little space left out of the arrogance of sorcerers. The gallery moves the money has to avenge Leo. Argentina won the match 3-0. Group champions have gone the quarter-finals.

Venezuela opponent quarters. Messi will play there from the beginning. The tournament lasted just 75 minutes so far showed that the magic, who knows if we play a full 90 minutes to fit what’s more show! Argentina’s win means that the confirmation of his rhythm!