Another model commits suicide.

model aModel and television music Bengali Marketing Executive sabira Hussein committed suicide after the date of the last 4 months. The taste did not cut himself no escape from buying more than one model. His name is Raj Sinha. She was a contestant on the model of 014 Veet.

After 1 pm on Tuesday night, with fans hanging Mohakhali Dakshinpara rented Abhijit Sinha saw her husband and neighbors rescued. Mohakhali Metropolitan Hospital in critical condition after he was declared dead by doctors.

On hearing the news body for autopsy Dhaka Medical College (DMC) was sent to the hospital morgue.

Initially However, the marriage did not see eye to eye with her husband committed suicide Ovi Abhijit Sinha. After the incident, police arrested abhike Abhisit. Abhijit easing is involved with acting and building.