Messenger add sms sending facility.

massangerFacebook Messenger app has introduced SMS facility. Android phone users are getting benefits. Android Messenger app installed on the phone if they are going to be using the SMS exchange.
Authorities said in a post on Facebook, we hope that the new facility will bring all messages in one place. The message exchange will be easier.

How it works

Messenger launched Settings (individual mark), and from the list, go to “SMS” launched by selecting the Default SMS app. The view from Messenger and SMS will be answered. Messenger messages, SMS messages, and blue colors of orange. Messenger SMS text as well as photos, videos,, emoji, and will support the sharing of location.

GIF, Messenger can be used to make video calls or voice calls. Facebook Messenger for SMS are not stored on the server. They are expected to act as a conventional SMS exchange will have to spend as usual. Source: Facebook