Cardamom quality.

elacheKnown as the spices of cardamom. Taste or smell of the food is not only to increase, there is a lot more use cardamom. This spice has a number of unique and useful qualities. Let’s know nii

Respiratory problems, asthma and lung infections such as cardamom is very beneficial for those having problems.

Mouth odor, bleeding gums or tooth decay is a serious problem, such as black cardamom can cibote face. The arrivals of oil to face a drug problem.

Cardamom cancer prevention work. Cardamom for cancer should eat regularly.

From headaches to get rid of the immediate benefits of using cardamom oil is found.

This feeling is destructive anger and unrest.

They contain vitamin C, which is Blood circulation and skin problems.

There’s rupacarcaya pair, pair of arrivals is rupacarca and face black stain.

Black cardamom has a healthy heart, and Blood circulation increases blood pressure and cancer puts you in control.

Black cardamom is to prevent heart disease, heart rate and blood pressure control is controlled by the cardamom raktasancalane helpful.