Easy ways to get rid of back pain

back painEveryone has heard the old from the young, more or less back pain. Although not think that the back pain is only, which is completely the wrong idea. Originally from 8 to 10 years of age may be back pain or back pain. Carrying heavy objects or bones may be higher or hidden behind the back pain cause. However, domestic Some exercises can give relief from the pain. Let’s do not know the techniques.

Please follow the correct procedure:
Byathate back a few feet, you can do the exercise, which will give you relief from the pain. In this exercise you press the soles of your feet to the ankle of the leg across the whole area of each part of the inner experience. Basically every joint in your spinal cord to your feet is bararabara inner edge, the normal blood flow to the foot and ankle massage, which helps to reduce back pain.

The lower portion of the leg massage:
This is a short massage and exercise is the first step in turning around the ankle. This will make your mature for a massage. The second step of the heel, ankle gut, soles of the feet and angulagulote gentle but firm pressure. Who is behind the front legs, and then turn around goralike with legs. Thus, back pain can be reduced to 5-10 minutes after exercise.

Attention in the cervical spine:
Toes from start to exercise. Parts of which are associated with cervical. Angulagulote feet slowly with the thumb and press it firmly to the foot throughout the stay. Are you sure you karachana feet and every part of the body’s blood flow and pressures to cut the value of the spine pain.

Hand exercises:
Sometimes the legs are not available at the time of exercise of the exercises you can do by hand. If you’ve got a pain in the feet or hands can byayamagulo through.

Meradandera connecting each part:
You can do this exercise by hand. In this case, your other fingers of one hand palm side of the old parts of the pressure. After 4-5 minutes the one hand, on the other hand start again.