Casillas indication of his retirement from international football.

CasillaRetirement rally to register a prolific and well-known player in world football. Spain’s World Cup and two European Cup winning hero and captain pulled Spain has indicated his retirement from the national team. After being knocked out in the second round, losing to Italy indicated that the euro said.

Iker social media Twitter ID’s ‘Rambo II’ the last scene of the film in a video posted. This is football and the fans understood what Casillas has indicated. Porto is currently playing club record 167 games for Spain, Casillas entitled.

The 35-year-old Casillas wrote in a post on his Twitter ID video, “I love the fans got drenched. Spain will always be present and in the future we have. “

Rambo II Rambo film can be seen in the video, kalanela trautamyanake farewell, saying, “do not love our country as much as we love our country as much.”

This indicates that, despite the retirement of the legendary Spanish player is not exactly pleasant. 016 Euro Cup match was a chance to play on the national team jersey. 000 football club since Real Madrid shirt. The potential of football to win as many trophies as possible won his all.