Messi will change his decision.

masssssssiMetLife Stadium will be the name of a tragedy in the history of football in the United States. Argentina to Chile is not for the tragic loss. Chile regretted not being able to win, but lost to Lionel Messi due to his retirement announcement.

Messi, the sudden collapse of lightning as they announced to his fans worldwide. Former and current players from all over the world, leaders, former world champion, politician, not even in the days of the primary school teacher’s desperate cry for everyone, “Messi did not take such a decision. Come back again to reverse the decision. “

Messi fans around the world may be able to realize that it is, at this moment, what is truly in his heart. However, more than others, so that the mind grasp his club teammate Lionel Messi, a close friend, Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez. Messi’s Barcelona team-mate to respect his wishes, “said Messi to decide what it is you want to choose his own jurisdiction.”

Suarez, however, did not accept the decision, although Messi believes Messi will change. Uruguayan striker said: “Messi is a shame the way to go for football. However, I am sure he would like to change. Opponents and critics say, I know myself, the best football player in the world. “

Suarez and passion from the disappointment of his retirement announcement Messi said. Thus, when the disappointment will go away, he would think about it. Barcelona’s Uruguayan striker said, “he announced from the disappointment and sorrow. I hope he will reconsider his decision not to change your mind. “