Some food that keep away teeth yellow coloring.

teethLike a lot of time to clean the teeth every day, but do not want to cut dentists yellow coloring. Some of the food is the main cause staining of the teeth and dental negligence on the part of every day a little bit yellowish coloring is permanent. However, there are three foods that can be easily removed with dental yellow coloring. Let’s get to know itself

This fruit is very tasty and you can make your own teeth whitening white. 3 to crush the strawberries well. The ground was good smudge strawberry teeth. Use it twice a day for two weeks. You’ll see a lot of white teeth have become.

Use bay leaves
Take crushed bay leaf. Mix the lemon or orange powder, lemon peel with the bay leaf. Mix well to make the powder. The powder of the toothpaste to brush their teeth with the brush. A few minutes will receive a shiny white teeth.

Turmeric powder
Many yellow powder or yellow tooth responsible for the yellowish color. But it is not very effective, but can yellow teeth white. In particular, the original yellow. Bethe with yellow or yellow paste mixed with a little water, such as by creating with this paste to brush their teeth. But, very quickly, you will get white teeth whitening.