Know the signs of a heart attack

heart attackHeart disease is not common, and ten. Some of the common symptoms of a heart attack due to negligence, but later it becomes. Each will have a heart attack because of the specific and the general, but it is not. According to all the time as a sign of a heart attack are chest pain, it is not. In addition, there are some signs of a heart attack, chest pain, which can be

If you have problems for a long time cough, and cough out with white or pink. However, you should understand that the heart is not working properly. The future can be a heart attack. However, signs of a heart attack may not always be yes cough. This is a sign of a heart attack when he came out regularly with mucous and blood is likely to be.

If you often suddenly fell unconscious at work, then it means there is a heart problem. If it is not a concern because of the risk of any kind to consult a doctor.

Chest pain
First and foremost are the signs of a heart attack, chest pain. Usually the pain is felt tremendous pressure from the middle of the chest. Gradually the pain in the jaw or arm, left shoulder and spread it. This kind of pain occurs Abyasai should consult a doctor.

Going out of breath and difficulty breathing
If your asthma or other breathing problems, and suddenly suffer from heart disease occurs mainly in the lungs, including the water from the cold due to the complexity of the problem appeared to have difficulty breathing. Easily run out of breath, breathing through the mouth Un signs of future heart attack.

Excessive sweating symptoms of a heart attack in the east. In particular, diabetic patients without chest pain, excessive sweating, palpitations, feeling ill all of a sudden started to go to the doctor Abyasai.

Whenever severe head pain, we do drugs. But did you know, one of the signs of a heart attack, severe headache every day.

Pain and swelling of various organs
Various organs, especially your hands and feet to tie the pain and swelling are not directly related to a heart attack or heart problems. If, however, can cause a heart attack. Ease of water inside the body, move your body moves in the water, which is due to swollen hands and feet tie. Sitting somewhere for a long time, especially if the water comes down. If it happens on a regular basis Abyasai should consult a doctor.

Become tired very quickly
Are you tired easily? If you have palpitations for a while? However, you now receive a heart doctor. This is the main symptoms of heart problems, especially for women.

Irregular pulse rate
If you’ve been too nervous or from somewhere came running down your pulse rate may rise. It is, however, no reason to worry because it was cut down. If this problem occurs on a regular basis, however, consult a doctor immediately.