Lavlu and Lovely Lovestory.

tishaLovely tough working garments workers. Lovely bold forms and quality. On the other hand Lavlu crazy movie. Bengali film about his knowledge of meditation. Black tea shop, a small ticket from the movie business and his income.

The courtyard of the love story of two young people in the romantic comedy drama “Lovely and Lablu lovestory. The Lovely and Lablu starring Tisha and Mosharraf Karim. She wrote and directed the play Imraul.

The story can be seen in the drama, went to see the movie is Lavlu and Lovely. Since then often keeps Lavlu special tickets for Lovely. Lovely Lavlu see the movie falls in love. But the influential labor labhalike like Shoaib embroiled in the hazard.

“Lovely and Lablu labhastori ‘play the 6th day of the festival will be aired on RTV 40 minutes to 8 pm.