Euro was finished for Mario Gomez.

Mario GomezThe Germans had the opportunity to become the top scorer of Euro. But the opportunity was not utilized and the German striker Mario Gomez. He also ruled out with a hamstring injury Euro football. Semi-final before the bad news that the Germans are expected to drop several others in danger.

Germany won on penalties in the quarter-final against Italy. The 30-year-old suffered a hamstring injury that matches striker. The next two matches, missing the first two matches of the tournament like this, he showed character to his caste. Northern Ireland’s winning goal came from his feet. A goal of the game against Slovakia. The Germans beat the EUR 1 goal when Gomez was the top scorer.

Matt brings more bad news on the injury, Gomez yellow card. Two consecutive semi-final match against France was a yellow card, he will not be able to play an important match. and are also doubt the semi-finals. Cm already spent such a big push to get the team to think about the people.