The ICC will be paid 5 million pounds Perera.

PereraPerera suspended after positive dope test proves preparing a four-year ban by the ICC. But lawyers Perera challenges due to high crime laboratory tested again in the absence of any evidence of drug bound to the ICC ban was lifted. Not only that, Perera had lamented that the ICC to harass him and reassured Perera proper compensation will be given. Consequently, the governing body of the game is going to pay him 5 million pounds.

Perera gets a lot of issues at the annual meeting of the ICC in Scotland. He expressed regret that the ICC’s chief executive, said that the case has to go through what we have repented Perera. However, the time that he has incurred through the sanctions will be evaluated. Moreover, due to an error of about 5 million pounds loss Perera said. And all of it will be given as compensation to him. “

The New Zealand at the end of last year to the drug charges against athe Perera. The authenticity of the drugs in the laboratory samples sent to the ICC. But Perera Perera pleaded not guilty and was sent to Qatar in the laboratory sample. Perera matching the release.