Clean house in quick strategy

roomSpeed Cleaning Expert Debbie said, “Time to clean down by half in order to bring the rules will come. That will make a clean house rules. Then you can quickly clean the house. “

1. Clean from top to bottom. First, choose your room and ceiling fan to remove soot off it. said, “Some people had no place to clean dirty after watching it, then look at the top, and it was clean. As a result below that figure was just to clean dust and dirt will fall on him. ” So from the start.

II. Hung on the wall with a dry cloth to remove the picture and sopisa.

3. One gallon of water to clean windows for a few drops of liquid dish washing soap mix. A cloth soaked in this mixture and wash the windows. Then dry with a cloth to remove. Do not remove the circle from the bottom to delete it. Paper towels or newspaper can not remove the cotton cloth is recommended to remove.

4. Then cupboard, showcase, dressing table and dining table Delete.

5. Furnace oil, fat, easy to clean with water and baking soda and mix. A sponge soaked in this mixture of oil and fat little ghasalei come up.

6. Floor corner, garage floors or other locations, use lemon juice to remove the stain of rust. Maricake acid lemon juice helps to melt. Juice of a lemon cut off the rust with the 10-minute wait. Then with a stiff brush to remove rust rubb. After ghasara wash it with water.

7. Cleaning the microwave to boil a cup of coffee to warm up. Then, with a cloth to remove the inside of the microwave.

After cleaning chores, everything below the floor with a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt clean. Keep the house clean things up in the same place. If all things to clean your house at the same place to find it is not a waste of time. Cleaning the house once a week is not too much of a gap when the program is not too difficult to clean the house before.