Griezmann greater than Ronaldo

griezmannFrance did not win the title win this year’s Golden euros before the ball is in the hands of Antonio griezmann, there is no doubt. However, his strong rival Cristiano goals in the final three. The final touch will be griezmannRonaldo hat-trick. Which seems almost impossible. Therefore, according to the England legend Gary linekarera, Ronaldo grijamyana course.

Now a sports presenter Gary Lineker. Paul praised the euro before the final Antonio griezmannpagabake he still feels a long way to go. Lineker believes Zinedine Zidane when compared with Paul parabake yet. Pagabake is still a long way to go.

The whole performance is extraordinary euros before griezmannAntonio. Linekarera words, ‘Outstanding’. In particular, the team scored two goals in the final against Germany due to grijamyanera meteche praise for the former star footballers.

Griezmann praise Lineker said, “took grijamyana breath of fresh air. Great finisher. Great movement. Even his extraordinary touch. In conclusion, to score a master. “

Lineker has been more appreciated. According to him, it will be seen griezmann, nispapa, look like an angel. She enjoys it very well. However, it can be enjoyed, when all is well. When it comes to the score. That is why France is enjoying paribesatake side. “