Way to keep kidney well .

kidneyOne of the most important parts of the body through the kidneys. This is the driving force of human body. Create energy from your body to keep the body healthy blood flow to the kidney. However, high blood pressure, breathing trouble, Beck pain, abnormal health the root cause of the disease. Please note that other techniques to keep a healthy kidney.

Drink plenty of water:
Water is too important for the body. If you do not drink enough water, your body can badhamte diseases home. He is one of the kidanijanita problem. Those who exercise or work hard habit to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water should be. Ghamachena or during the summer when a lot of the time and your body is going to come out of the water may cause various problems kidanijanita.

Keep blood pressure under control:
Sirasamuhake affected by high blood pressure in the body. Kidanijanita problem occurs due to lack of enough blood. Keep blood pressure under control, according to the doctor’s advice. Write down your blood pressure measured every day with the help of a nearby doctor and contact a doctor if more nuances.

Cultivate the habit of exercise every day:
Thirty minutes of exercise a week and you can make the rules in good health. Exercise helps our body to the places in which blood flow is healthy kidanike.

Eat plenty of vegetables:
Green fruits and vegetables not only gives you the gift of good health, it keeps you healthy and high blood pressure to control the bouncing kidanike.

Avoid salt:
Salt is a major cause of high blood pressure. This small sirasamuhake destroy the kidneys. Ability to ruin your digestion. So, stay away from foods that increase blood pressure and salt from different foods must be avoided.