Nasir not thinking about England

NasirIf all goes well, next September 30 to play three ODIs and two Tests in England at Dhaka; But recently the situation has changed after the attacks Gulshan and solakiyaya. England may not ultimately due to security reasons. However, not thinking about the England team did not come in one of the best all-rounder Nasir Hossain. At the moment the full attention of his practice.

BCB office on Monday at the Sher-e-Bengali Nasir said, “No one is thinking of not coming to England. 14-15 days all of us now focus on fitness to practice. “

Foreign players, the coaching staff has been without a conditioning camp. However, such practice is conditioning coach Mario bhillabharayana, so we feel that the Nasir. According to him, to figure out your own fitness. Everyone’s trying as he said

“Mario, but practice is the same. Fitness thing on your own. If you do not do it then it will not improve. By the grace of God, we are trying to sabai itself. So there is no basic fitness. There are just running to see what the little brother of the Iphati achenai. “

In 015 Tests, ODI and Twenty Bangladesh played a lot together. In addition, they will have great success; But this year, there is no game for a long time. There is uncertainty in the series against England in October. So you want to offset the deficit Nasir played among themselves.

“Practice is the most important practice matches. We may not have been playing international cricket for a long time. I do not know if it will or will not come to England. However, our efforts or our coaching staff will try to be there (not the game for a long time), come out. Seven in the five-match series before we play them. “

In that case, if it comes about 14 months after the England Test cricket, Bangladesh would like to play. So all of a sudden a lot of Test cricket Nasir also agrees. He said there would not be a problem, however, one-day internationals.

“Test Of course not. If you have the right. And if you are outside the country, but a little difficult. I do not know when the last Test played, I do not remember. Of course it will be difficult for our tastes. Logo will be a good opportunity to test the more we play. Although it will be a little difficult for us. “

“Our one-day internationals that will be the main goal, to retain continuity. Maybe one day we did not play for 10 months. But I do not think that would be too much trouble. Match practice before you play the game. “