Eye puffiness can be done away

eye careIs made to go outside or to attend, grooming from all goes well. If you see a time when the eye swelling or aibyaga sajatai full-time in the soil. However, domestic Some tips if you know you can easily remove the eye puffiness. Let’s do not know upayagulo

Cold water or ice:
Most of the time the eyes are swollen blood vessels in the bottom of the problem. The veins below the eyes, and the way to go as far as the fluid flow is not done. As a result, swelling under the eyes. The bags are made of. Take some cold water or ice, and the first place swelling. The liquid will flow properly. However, beware! So it is not more than a few seconds. Otherwise, the results can get worse rather than better.

Cucumber or potato:
There is usually a lot of cucumber water. As a result, two pieces of cucumber on your eyes for a moment and put it under your eyes karalake reduced or stopped flowing. Also for good results in a refrigerator overnight call potato pieces, leaving it in the morning for 5-10 minutes and keep an eye on. This can be reduced very quickly, although some swelling below the eye coloring.

Table spoon:
Strange but true that a table spoon can easily release you from feeling swelling below the eye. Sitting left to cool in the refrigerator for a day in the spoon. I took it out of the bag on hold. Swelling can be reduced. This is a good result, at least for two weeks in a row.

One method is quite effective for eye bags bag. Take a cup of cold water and dip the teabag. When cool enough to remove it brought out the chips and put on your eyes. Keep an eye on the temperature bags do not come until the two. Until half an hour, and that is surprised to see the results.

Milk and egg:
Dima milk or both could be very useful to relieve swelling in your eye. At least once a day for milk, soaked in cold milk tuloke applying eye. And for at least half an hour. I not only byagai, dark circles will help you to remove the milk-soaked cotton. Only the white part of the egg, the egg kusumake separate set of eyes to take place swollen tight, wait until you came to mind.

While these are effective ways to remove the aibyaga before using aibyaga that you should try not prepared under your eyes. So aibyagera stay away from salt, alcohol, etc., do not tell. Please try to get enough sleep and water.