Beauty care with coffee.

cuteThere is no comparison to one cup of coffee a day to relieve fatigue. Coffee or chat on the sidelines of the environment makes it exciting. However, addatei fatigue or not, but coffee can be used in many ways. Coffee enhances the brightness of the skin, hair fall and reduce the appearance of aging impression away. Let’s use some of that coffee do not know

1. T-tree oil mixed with coffee powder, full-body massage. It works on the skin anti-. This helps to dispel the impression of old age in your face.

2.. Apply the face pack made of water mixed with coffee powder. Then wash it with water when dry. This coarseness skin and skin shine away.

3. Scalp massage with coffee powder. It acts as a natural Scrub. It will be a tough race and the crown of the head of hair will be clean. The hair loss can be reduced to a great extent.

4. Remove caffeine eye swollen feeling. Coffee powder, mixed with a little water around the eyes at night before sleeping and wash with water massage. See, eye swelling feeling will go away. You can use caffeine-rich food.

5. Our skin has raised a lot of time. Regular coffee pack of grids on the skin tingling, nausea, and skin is soft and smooth.

6. Coffee body itchy spots. Coffee powder mixed with a few drops of coconut oil massage itchy areas. See, itchy spots will be solved gradually.