You will be surprised to know  now what Moonmun,poli & Mouri did

munmunnnThere was a time Dhaliude, at that time a new movie release means, that they will have three. Although much has changed between the time period of the current film industry.

They have lost the touch of change. Moon Moon, and silt She is now – a lot of visitors in the past have kautula.


People involved in the film industry who are known to them, the curious spectators who want to know where they are now. A few days ago, asked Facebook inbox, where Moon Moon – country or abroad.

He was asked what he wanted to say. He said the country is on the screen when you’re not heroines, industry became unemployed when they went abroad in search of work.

Or was settled by marriage, which long. There were murmurs of full of rumors. For these reasons they’ve come in every day newspapers. From any direction, but he could not meet his curiosity. So the question sets.