The child’s color will be lighter if you diet during pregnancy?

baby with motherPregnant women are usually too hungry and then eat just like it is actually very important for them. Because these foods are much more useful for the baby to his mother. Most people want our country to be with his child’s skin color is bright.

According to experts, the food selection will depend on the child’s body does not like the color, it depends on the genes from his parents got him. Eating foods that are common during pregnancy, according to the child’s concept of race may be fair, some of the menus have been with the family. Let us assume that they are.

1. Saffron milk
Saffron pregnant women have been given a lot of milk. It is believed that saffron baby lighter color.

2. Coconut
According to the conventional concept of coconut shells, white baby’s blond color. However, pregnancy is not healthy at all to eat more coconut. You can eat, but reasonable.

3. Milk
Essential for pregnant women to drink milk. Milk is very important for the formation of the child’s body. To lighten the skin color of milk from conventional idea at all helpful.

4. Eggs
It is believed that the conventional wisdom, if the fair for the second three months of pregnancy if the child is taking part in the egg white the fact that pregnancy is very important for mothers regularly eat whole eggs. is among the most nutritional quality of the egg. So eat the yolk can not be ignored.

5. National cherry and berry fruit
As a result, the cherry and berry contains high levels of anti-oxidants, which increases the brightness of the skin and prevents skin damage. So, strawberry, black berry, blue berry, and fruit to eat for beautiful skin.

6. Tomatoes
Tomatoes contain harmful Ultra Violet rays of the sun fought to protect skin from the harmful effects of light. It is believed that eating tomatoes during pregnancy the baby is fair race.

7. Orange
Orange is rich in vitamin C is essential for the formation of the child’s body. Orange will be playing the baby’s skin during pregnancy.

Beauty is only skin of any human being can not be the subject of an exclusive pass. Therefore, pregnant women should have a healthy, normal child birth talent and try to. Therefore, in addition to nutritious foods need to bring positive change in their lifestyle.

If the practice of taking alcohol should be restricted. Keep weight under control, too much weight babies are born in the pre-myaciura impact on the child’s IQ. 30 minutes of exercise on a regular basis. It helps develop the child’s brain development and other organs. Scientists baby can hear and respond accordingly. C