Aloevera scrub to increase the brightness of the skin.

cute faecWe invent things to increase the use of the skin brightness. But may not be suitable for all kinds of cosmetics on our skin. Scrub Aloe vera can be used to increase the brightness of the skin. Aloe is an essential skin care. Let’s assume that the key to increase the brightness of your skin and make use Aloe Scrub.

1 cup sugar, half a cup of Aloe Gel, Take two tablespoons of lemon juice. The glass jar gently to blend all the ingredients together. Note that the mixture will not melt too much stir together sugar and other ingredients. Ready to Scrub Perfect if you want to reduce the amount of material can increase.

Scrub your face when you are dressed very light skin and body massage with the Scrub. Scrub the face of a little massage of the face, leaving little time to wash. Scrub You can use these 3 days a week. Using rules you will see the result.

sugar in your skin and remove skin will look bright and clean. Aloe Skin will, skin its beauty and elegance that will enhance skin enhancing ingredients. Lemon juice will remove spots on your skin, light skin tone and Clean will clean.